5 Ways to Weather Your Winter Portrait Session!

People seem to assume that because I’m from New England, I’m used to the cold.  It’s more like, I’m used to the eternal state of being cold!  Whether you’re having an engagement session or getting a new Christmas card photo, winter in the Midwest is a tough time to take photos!  Here are a few tips that I’ve compiled from years of shivering and wondering if I’m going to be able to feel my fingers by this time tomorrow.  (PS: winter brides, this is for you too!  Think outdoor couple portraits!)

(1) Use current apparel trends to your advantage!

Christmas card photos at a tree farm with warm winter outfits

(2) Bring blankets and warm coats to snuggle in between shots!

(3) Activate hand warmers and keep them inside mittens to put on in between shots.

(4) Bring a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee or plan a hot beverage outing after your session!

(5) Choose a session location around or near shops or restaurants so that you can take a warmup break. (Madison friends – ie Greenway Station shopping center, State Street, Monroe St., etc)  Buildings can also help cut any wind!

After your session, declare mission accomplished and go out for hot chocolate.  Or head home to curl up on the couch with five blankets and a candle.  Stay warm my northern friends!

<3 Amy