Branding Session: JD’s Custom Quilts

I’ve been waiting to share this blog post and it was so hard because I get to talk about my friend Jill!  Not only is she a sweet friend, and supermom extraordinaire, but also an accomplished quilter.    She started quilting while her husband was in dental school and opened her first Etsy shop shortly thereafter.  Since moving to Madison, she has decided to re-open that shop and knew that some re-branding was in order!JD’s Custom Quilts creates handmade custom quilts for their clients and since this is an incredibly personal process, we knew that Jill’s branding should allow potential clients to not just see her beautiful products, but also to get to know her!  To that end, we set up a photo session in her home and focused on three things – headshots, product shots (both lifestyle and staged), and “process” or behind the scenes images.We weren’t even planning on including the kids, but when he heard that we were taking pictures, he went and put on a spiffy blue polo shirt for the occasion!  In the end, we both decided that these images are some of our favorites from the entire session!  And they fit perfectly since Jill’s kids are the reason her shop exists!  While I delivered color versions of everything as well, some photos just belong in black and white!  ^^^ These were two of them.
These kids <3 They’re (almost) always willing to ham it up for the camera!  When her kids are scared at night, Jill reminds them that God will protect them and that being wrapped up in Mommy’s quilts is like being wrapped in one of her hugs!  (cue the precious moment tears)  I love how handmade quilts become such treasures, and like photos, have stories attached to them over the years!

Did I mention that Jill makes incredible tshirt quilts?! ^^^ These special quilts make excellent use of the 5 million tshirts you’ve been hanging on to for years, but haven’t worn for a decade.  They can also be challenging to make (stretchy fabrics mean an in-expert job could end up with lots of puckers and weird seams!) but Jill has them down to a science!  My husband has at least a drawer full if not two that he never wears so I’ve asked Jill to make him a tshirt quilt for his birthday.  (Shhh…don’t tell…oh wait I already told him because I was so excited and I couldn’t figure out how to convince him to sort through his tshirt drawer…)
Yum!  Such a luscious stack of little baby quilts!  Most of these are for sale in her Etsy shop btw!

Isn’t this grey Joanna Gaines-esque buffalo check quilt adorable? ^^ It’s a beloved fixtures at her in-laws home!  In fact, she had to beg to borrow it back so that I could photograph it and even then they kept the diaper bag hostage! That bright pink dotted fabric?  We call it minky fabric and its my absolute favorite thing for the back of a quilt for kids and adults alike!  It’s soooo soft and cuddly!

Jill has custom made this quilt in a massive king sized version! ^^^

Important note – the above stack of quilts are all (except 1) well loved bed quilts and exhibit normal wear and tear and a distinctive “washed” look that means your quilt has been actually useful. 🙂  Also, Jill made the denim braided rug that we used for these photos!  Soo much patience! Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, need a quilt to coordinate with your decor, or a way to preserve cherished t-shirts, Jill is up to the task!  Follow her on Instagram @jdscustomquilts, give page some love on Facebook or check out her shop here:

<3 Amy