Dow Family: Part 1

You know those families that just make you feel like part of the family even though you’re not even remotely related?  That’s the Dows.  Now, granted, we’ve known them for a while, but when we arrived at their home to scout the session location on Saturday night (their own backyard – isn’t it gorgeous?!), they invited us in for dinner before the session!  (Pro tip: Eat before your session.  Well fed people smile more!)  Two+ hours and lots of laughter later, I had hundreds and hundreds of images to sort through – here are just a few!
This is Janet and Dale.  They started attending our church around the same time that their son Steve and his family did and what a blessing they have been!   Dale is a former pastor and is currently an EMT. (respect!) We are so thankful that he was able to be a part of the session, despite a sometimes uncertain work schedule!  God is good!  Janet and Dale are passionate about God, each other, their family, and their landscaping.  Seriously, I can’t believe that every single one of these image was shot in their backyard!

Janet and Dale have 3 children, Andrew, Steve, and Emily.  This was really only the second time I’ve been able to observe all three interacting together – they have so much fun!

Janet specifically requested this^ pose!  Sooo precious!  Emily is married to Steven and Steve is married to Jill.  Yes.  There are two Steves.  Thankfully, one of them is an inlaw and the other is the outlaw so you differentiate. 😉  

Altogether, Dale and Janet have 5 beautiful grandchildren!  They were such good sports during the session, but Grandma procured a bubble machine for the occasion and I’m fairly sure that helped significantly!  Aren’t they adorable?!

There is just something extra special about kids with bubbles.  Almost like the wonder of a first snowfall! ^

You’ll see lots more of this beautiful family over the next week or two – we broke away for a couple of individual family sessions during the session time and I can’t wait to share my favorites!