Equine Session: 8T Acres

I was that girl.  The obsessed one.  The one who lived and breathed horses.  Horse books, horse movies, horse figurines, horse dreams, and yes, even horses made out of snow.  

I dreamed of being a famous eventer.  (kind of like a triathalon – you compete in 3 different events – dressage, show jumping, and cross country)  My grandmother loved horses too, so my grandfather had recorded several famous events (like Rolex) on VHS – I watched them over and over again.  Alas, my dreams were never meant to be.  I took a few lessons here and there, but as an adult I have come to realize that I simply am not capable of putting in the time and energy it would take to pursue that childhood dream!  I so respect those who put all of themselves into this passion!

Anyway.  All that to say – I really love horses.  So it’s pretty cool when my passions collide!  I’ve never done equine photography before and wanted to get my feet wet, so I asked my cousin Ashley, who owns and operates 8T Acres in Hanover, NH, if I could stop by for an afternoon while I was out East last week.    I’m so glad she said yes, and so thankful that she was willing to take time out of her busy day (they were busy getting ready for a huge Pony Club event in Kentucky!) to let me photograph her horses!

You. guys.  This is where she and her horses live.  On the side of a mountain overlooking more mountains.  Per.fec.tion.  Oh and meet Cosmo.  He’s her dream horse.  See, Ashley owns a pretty mare named Jasmine.  Jasmine had a baby.  That baby is Cosmo and he’s a ridiculously handsome bundle of muscles and energy wrapped up with a white star on his forehead.  He’s only two years old, but WOW!  He’s going to take over the eventing world in a few years. <3

I will say that I learned SO much about photographing horses, mainly that I have no idea how to photograph horses!  I also lack some of the appropriate gear.  Twas very humbling.  That said, I’m so excited to learn more and build this side of my portfolio!Did I mention that this horse is huge?!  He’s only two which means he’s still growing and won’t be ridden until next year!  And now, Jasmine, Cosmo’s mom!  Isn’t she lovely?  Oh and the mountains are pretty sweet too. 

Check out Ashley’s website HERE for the story behind the name 8T Acres!!  It’s so awesome!  Til next time, NH!

<3 Amy