Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching and I’m currently scrambling to come up with gifts for my moms like the oh so thoughtful daughter I am!!! 😉  So here’s a few quick Mother’s Day gift ideas to hopefully help you with the process if you’re in the same boat!

Please note that the products and/or services mentioned here are NOT necessarily endorsements of the companies or what they may or may not happen to stand for.  Nor am I being paid by any of them. 🙂

1. For the mom who lives far away

My problem is that my mother lives far away, and so I generally opt for something small.  I’ve also found that my oh so practical mother rarely spends money on accessories!  So my go to gift is usually a necklace or scarf to brighten up her wardrobe.  Charming Charlie is my favorite go to for cute jewelry for all tastes in addition to cute bags, clutches, and scarves.  When I’m running behind, I resort to something from Amazon Prime and use the free 2 day shipping to get it there in time!

2. For the mom who needs a break

How about a personalized gift basket with a throw, a box or bag of tea, a book, and a candle?  I do highly recommend The Magnolia Story by Joanna Gaines.  Its an inspiring, encouraging read!

3. For the mom looking for inspiration

A magazine subscription may sound cheesy but they’re actually one of my favorite things!  There’s something about that mix of text and images that inspires me even more than Pinterest!  Plus, its a whole year’s worth of anticipation!

Dose of interior color: HGTV

Ridiculously useful randomness that mom probably already knows: Real Simple

Casual decor and home style meals: Better Homes and Gardens

Crafting: anything in the checkout line at Joanns.


4. For the mom who has everything

Recent framed photos of her children (or grandchildren) are always well received!    Or what about a purse-sized brag book?  This is my shameless plug for The Backyard Sessions. What better way to get more mileage out of their Easter outfit or that adorable dress that grandma got her that she’s about to grow out of.  Bonus points for the personalized gift!

Last year, we were able to make Mother’s Day extra special for my mom.  We were actually all together and were able to have family photos done during our short vacation (by me via a self timer – lol).  The next day was Mother’s Day, so that night I ordered some of the print online and put them in a collage frame that I had brought with me.  We presented it to her at breakfast the next morning before we went our separate ways and she still talks about it!  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I can’t top that this year!

PS: If you’d like to do a special session for your mom, I would love to help you surprise her.  I have limited slots available on April 29th also and if you tell me that its a surprise, I will keep your images off social media and expedite image delivery!  Message me via The Backyard Sessions website!

My mom and my sister from that family session :


5. For the mom who has nothing and wants to keep it that way

My in-laws recently downsized from a two story house to a two bedroom apartment so I have to be careful with my gift-giving!  A bouquet of fresh flowers brightens any room.  Even better?  A bouquet subscription or CSA!  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an awesome way to extend the gift and support a local business!  Look for CSA’s from local flower farms for a 3-4 month supply of fresh seasonal blooms.  Other perishable type items include candles (try soy candles – they last longer and burn cleaner), or her favorite gourmet chocolate(s).


I hope that some of these were helpful!!  Now go plan something awesome for Mom and for pete’s sake, don’t let her cook dinner!

<3 Amy