Headshots: Diana

Diana and I met in high school and became fast friends, but now we’re busy pursuing our dreams hundreds of miles apart so it was awesome to be able to get to see each other briefly last week!  Diana needed new headshots for her blog (she’s a fantastic writer – check out her blog HERE!) so we turned her backyard into a fabulous location.  Just like old times!  ^^^^^These are from a “photoshoot” that we did in 2010 😮  (We’ve both grown up a bit and thankfully my photography has grown, too!)


Diana has a lively spirit tempered by an old soul and complimented by just the right amount of sarcasm.  We spent many hours IM-ing late at night talking about sewing patterns and planning photo shoots.  She introduced me to Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and many other legends of the stage, and inspired me to try making my own clothing!  

PS – that is a working typewriter 😮

These are just a few favorites from her session – can you believe they were all taken in her back yard?!

<3 Amy