Madison Family Photography: Albright Family

When my friend Jill told me that her entire family would be in town for Memorial Day weekend and would be attending our church that Sunday, I offered to take a family photo for them after the service.  I was so delighted that she took me up on my offer!  Far from being the rainy day we anticipated, the sun was out and the field we had planned on using was far too bright!  Thankfully, God gave us this one little patch of open shade that just perfectly fit the entire family!!  
This sweet family and my husband’s family go waaayyy back.  Mr. and Mrs. Albright babysat my husband when he was a toddler!  Children have since grown and left home and Pastor and Mrs. Albright now live in Michigan just outside of Flint.  In fact, they live just a mile down the road from the church where two good friends of mine got married last summer.
I was planning to road trip to the wedding alone, but Jill volunteered to road trip with me to see her family!  We adventured our way up to Michigan with Jill’s three kids (btw, she’s basically Supermom)  and the Albrights graciously let me stay at their home for the few days we were there. It was so special to be able to get to know people from my husband’s life!  I love the connections that we find here and there! Needless to say, it was pretty special to (briefly) meet all of Jill’s siblings over the weekend!  They are such a sweet family and have so much fun together!  It’s awesome to see an entire family loving God and each other!

<3 Amy