Nankey Family (Pt 1)

If you had told me 7 years ago that I would meet a guy, get married, and end up with 3 beautiful nieces and a handsome nephew by 2017, I would have laughed at you.  And here we are!  I got to shoot the first part of my sister-in-law’s family session the other night and will be going back for a few more shots at the farm tonight.  

This is Kristin ^ She takes her responsibilities as the oldest child very seriously.  She is also pretty much my mini me.  Last year we made a mini quilt together and it turned out lovely!

This is Zach ^ He is happiest when he is out on the farm helping his dad with chores or riding the tractor!  If he must be stuck indoors, he plays with his farm toys.  He loves making silly faces and hates button up shirts. 😉

This is Ashley ^ She has the best giggle and loves doing animal impersonations.  She used to be the shy toddler that wouldn’t let anyone hold her except her mom – it’s been so fun to see her personality bloom!


This is Molly >  This sweet girl spent the first bit of her life in NICU but you would never know it.  She loves it when Dad, Grandpa, or Uncle Brian hold her and they are the best at making her giggle!

I was literally laughing out loud while sorting through these precious shots of Molly.  This kid makes the BEST faces.  I love every one of them!  Admittedly, it takes a LOT for her to smile and giggle but when she does…so worth it!

Haha, that’s her “cheese” face!  The kids eventually needed a break, so Heather and Kevin and I left the kids with my husband and snuck off down the trail for a few couple photos!

And the kids were back…Bubbles make everything more fun!

This kid’s faces crack me up! 😀 ^^^  And of course, we needed a nice, normal family photo to hang on the wall and fool everyone 😉  Part 2 at the farm coming soon!

<3 Amy