Growing up, I met lots of missionaries when they came on deputation to our church.  These were longterm missionaries – people who gave up a comfortable life in the States to serve God and love people somewhere that might not be so comfortable.  Their accounts of the distant lands they were called to serve fascinated […]

Ask anyone who knew me at any point between 3rd grade and sophomore year of college and they will tell you – I was not getting married.  I just wasn’t.  My plan was to graduate from college, move to Colorado, and have lots of cats and if I got lucky, a horse or two. That […]

It’s not often that my clients choose an early morning session, but I always love the results when they do.  Cristal got up at 4:30 am on Saturday morning to start getting ready for her senior session! Cristal has a dog named Gracie, so we met up at Oregon’s dog park with plans to get […]

Tanner is a 2018 senior from Mazomanie, WI.  During his session, we were joined by several family members, who contributed not just one, but FOUR really fun vehicles for his session!  It was so perfect, because Tanner is planning to major in Mechanical Engineering! In addition to his love of cars, Tanner is a decorated […]

The number of people who were able to make it to my mom’s family’s reunion in New Hampshire this year astounds me.  We are literally scattered from sea to shining sea – Bonnie and Kris are stationed in Washington state and two of us came from the Midwest (Wisconsin and Illinois). We also had family […]

You guys, when I say I grew up in the woods, I’m not kidding.  This was my backyard, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Some of you know that I went home for a few days in July to visit my family.  My five days in New Hampshire were filled with quick visits with friends, […]

I’ve noticed a misconception out there that if you’re going to put on a suit and have a formal portrait taken, it needs to be in a stuffy studio in order to convey formality and professionalism.  I’d love to break that trend and these lovely ladies are a great start!   A year or so […]

My husband and I met Danielle 4 years ago when we signed the lease on our very first apartment!  By day, she was and is the apartment manager for our apartment complex, but she has also been working super hard to get her real estate license!  Having researched it for myself, I have a small […]

Trinity is my first 2018 senior and was a joy to work with!  We met up downtown on Saturday evening and despite some logistical issues, she was super sweet and easygoing. Trinity is planning to go to college for fashion merchandising and it shows!  She has a super fun bohemian style and had […]

I was that girl.  The obsessed one.  The one who lived and breathed horses.  Horse books, horse movies, horse figurines, horse dreams, and yes, even horses made out of snow.   I dreamed of being a famous eventer.  (kind of like a triathalon – you compete in 3 different events – dressage, show jumping, and […]