Diana and I met in high school and became fast friends, but now we’re busy pursuing our dreams hundreds of miles apart so it was awesome to be able to get to see each other briefly last week!  Diana needed new headshots for her blog (she’s a fantastic writer – check out her blog HERE!) […]

You may remember this precious family from previous posts.  That’s because I tend to photograph them a lot.  They had better be getting pretty good at this picture taking thing 😉 This session was part of Steve’s parent’s multi-generational family session (other two posts are here and here). We had to postpone Steve and Jill’s photos […]

Remember the cute family session I showed you the other day?  (find it here if you missed it)  This is Dale and Janet’s daughter Emily and her sweet family!   Can you believe that these were all taken in Dale and Janet’s backyard?!  Having lots of family members around made it easier than usual to […]

You know those families that just make you feel like part of the family even though you’re not even remotely related?  That’s the Dows.  Now, granted, we’ve known them for a while, but when we arrived at their home to scout the session location on Saturday night (their own backyard – isn’t it gorgeous?!), they […]

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Michael and his brother Abram periodically over the last few years!  I love watching them mature and being able to record a few of their baseball games this year has been so awesome!  (You can find Abram’s baseball session HERE.)  Michael’s game schedule ended up being a little more […]

Remember this sweet couple from a couple of month ago? (full blog post here) From the moment we started attending their church, we were impressed by their love for God and their dedication to the ministries they were involved in.  Over the last four years we’ve been priviledged to be a part of various ministries […]

You may remember that I did a sweet family session with my friends Mike and Holly last fall. (You can find that session HERE and HERE. ) Mike and Holly are a precious part of our church here in Madison and its been so fun getting to know them over the last 4 years! This session […]

Remember those family reunion portraits I took over Memorial Day weekend? (blog post HERE) Jonathan is one of Jill’s siblings and he and his wife Sarah requested a few quick couple portraits after the other photos were done and I couldn’t refuse.  Making time for couple portraits is a huge priority for me! I believe […]

When my friend Jill told me that her entire family would be in town for Memorial Day weekend and would be attending our church that Sunday, I offered to take a family photo for them after the service.  I was so delighted that she took me up on my offer!  Far from being the rainy […]

So, here’s the thing.  Getting people all dressed up and taking pretty pictures in a pretty place is all well and good.  But my favorite photos are always when people are in their favorite place with their favorite people.  So it is with the Nankeys.  This is part two of their family session and we […]