Professional Headshots: Danielle & Shelley

My husband and I met Danielle 4 years ago when we signed the lease on our very first apartment!  By day, she was and is the apartment manager for our apartment complex, but she has also been working super hard to get her real estate license!  Having researched it for myself, I have a small inkling of how much time and financial investment was involved in getting her to this point, all while being at property management’s beck and call!  Congrats Danielle!

She knows I’m a photographer, so she asked me to take some headshots for another realtor and her.  We met up a few weeks ago at a lovely model home and got some great images!  It’s amazing to see what can be done simply by moving a chair closer to a window!  Natural light will always be my first love <3.

While I don’t have what it takes to be a realtor,  I love being able to have a small part in the process and play with some accessories and fun furniture along the way. 😉  Thanks Shelley and Danielle!  It was a pleasure!

<3 Amy