Professional Headshots: Downtown Madison

I’ve noticed a misconception out there that if you’re going to put on a suit and have a formal portrait taken, it needs to be in a stuffy studio in order to convey formality and professionalism.  I’d love to break that trend and these lovely ladies are a great start!  downtown Madison professional headshotsdowntown Madison professional headshots

A year or so ago, I joined a national group called The Rising Tide Society, which is a group of creative entrepreneurs who focus on community over competition and learning from each other.  We have local chapters and monthly education/networking meetings called Tuesday’s Together.  Even hermits like me need community, and I’ve enjoyed interacting in our Facebook Group and occasionally, meeting up with fellow Rising Tiders!  downtown Madison professional headshotsdowntown Madison professional headshots

I had the privilege of meeting up with Hannah, Tianna, Angelina, and Jordan last week for some quick shots outside the Wisconsin Historical Society Building.  I love how the neutral stone adds an impressive, formal quality to these portraits! It’s easily my favorite downtown location for headshots.  downtown Madison professional headshots It turns out that all four of them are photographers too, so we had a great time getting to know each other a little bit and headed over to the Memorial Union across the street for post-session ice cream on the lakefront!downtown Madison professional headshots downtown Madison professional headshots Thank you ladies so much! I so enjoyed meeting you all!
<3 Amy