Saying Goodbye: Dana & Terri

Remember this sweet couple from a couple of month ago? (full blog post here)

From the moment we started attending their church, we were impressed by their love for God and their dedication to the ministries they were involved in.  Over the last four years we’ve been priviledged to be a part of various ministries and projects with them and have enjoyed getting to know them little by little.

A couple of weeks ago, they dropped the bombshell.  They’ve been praying about the possibility of moving closer to some of their grandchildren (they’re precious, who can blame them??!!) and the pieces finally came together.  

My heart is sad at the thought of losing them to distance, but at the same time, we’re excited for the door that God seems to be opening for them!

With the prospect of packing up their lives and selling their home, Dana and Terri asked me to photograph their home for sale.  I always welcome the opportunity to hone and grow my skills, so I accepted and was able to photograph their home this past weekend!

Isn’t their kitchen pretty?!  They worked with an interior designer a couple of years ago and the results speak for themselves!

These windows though..

I’m so proud of the way Terri mixed her patterns!  This bedroom is so sweet!

(PS: If you’re in the market for a home in East Madison, the full listing is here! )

Ahhh..goodbyes are so hard!  Dana and Terri, thank you for allowing me to photograph your lovely home.  Thank you for your friendship!  We will treasure the last few weeks or months we have with you!

<3 Amy