What to Expect: Your Child’s Photo Session

While the shot above may suggest otherwise, it is possible to get precious shots of your child during his or her session. I promise!

The key is flexiblity!

Many things affect the way your child responds to my camera: the weather, their outfit, how much sleep they got the night before, how they feel about interacting with strangers or near strangers on that particular day.

Capturing your child at their best does not require perfect posing or angelic instruction-following on their part.

My “style” of photography includes a good number of “candid” images, which means that I frequently take a step back and let life happen while the camera rolls.

I like to intermix a request for a pose with candid captures, especially with children’s photography.

This takes some pressure off you and your child while allowing me to capture your child’s real per- sonality and expressions (instead of the dreaded fake grin).

A few tips for a smooth session:

Firstly, I don’t have kids, and I’m definitely not here to give you a parenting lecture. That would be silly and absolutely none of my business! But here are few things that I’ve noticed help sessions run smoothly:

(1) Let them choose a favorite toy or blanket before the session, or have one handy during the session.
For this session, “Puppy” gave us an extra 30 seconds of shooting time!

(2) Re-enact a family tradition, inside joke, or family activity.  These boys give their sister kisses every day and love playing with their dad!

(3) Change things up, or take a break!  During this session, we let them take a break from photos to run races in the driveway – look at the smiles! We can always go back and try a particular pose again.

(4) Reschedule for illness.  While I have a strict cancellation policy, your child will not be at his or her best if he is not feeling well! Plus, I don’t want any germs. So for everyone concerned, its best to reschedule and I will work with you to nd a new date and time!

(5) Don’t worry about time!  Patience will pay off – all of the photos in this post were taken in the space of 30 minutes in their backyard! If worse comes to worse, I’m definitely happy to stay a few extra minutes to get the perfect shot!

<3 Amy