Zoe & Mia – Best Friend Session

Meet Zoe and her dog, Mia.  They’ve been together for 15 years – since Mia was 6 weeks old!  Zoe contacted me to get some images of them together before Zoe leaves for Brazil to pursue awesome opportunities in the rainforest!

She’s about to graduate college (congrats girl!) and is going to be pursuing her PHD!

To be honest, Zoe’s session started off in a SUPER embarrassing fashion for me – I realized on the way to the park that I had chosen that dogs weren’t allowed!! Ahhhh!!!  Thankfully, Zoe and her mom are awesome and Zoe’s mom saved the day by remembering a nearby park that did allow dogs.  When arrived, I noticed a dead end street that ended at the lake and suggested that we check it out.  Viola…this location is a tiny little spot of awesomeness at the end of a dead end street between two houses! 

And the intrepid explorer is also gorgeous and she let me stand right over her face to take some of these!  I love adventurous clients!  Zoe I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures, which I know will be far grander than me standing over your face with a camera!  😉

<3  Amy